Call congress to stop the democracy-destroying TPP

    Earlier this month, Republicans introduced a bill to Congress that would pave the way for the democracy-destroying TPP.

    But it looks like we have a serious chance to beat this corporate power grab. Just this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he opposes the fast track authority the Obama administration wants to negotiate the deal with limited Congressional oversight. This is great news: the TPP is being called a free trade agreement, but it's really a corporate wish-list attacking everything from environmental and labor rights protections to affordable medicines to internet freedoms.

    Now, we need to raise the stakes and show every single member of Congress that they can’t afford to vote for fast track.

    Once you're done, please report how your call went using the form to the left so that we can track how members of Congress are reponding.

     Here are some additional talking points if you're looking for more to say:

    • The agreement would expand secret tribunals where corporations can sue governments for profits lost due to environmental or consumer protection legislation.
    • In addition to being NAFTA-on-steroids, the TPP is SOPA-Redux: it would let media corporations censor the internet to protect their profits. It could even make you liable for criminal penalties for downloading a song.
    • The deal would strengthen Big Pharma's IP monopolies and make it impossible for poor people around the world to get lifesaving generic drugs.
    • The TPP could force countries to scrap regulations on GMO crops.
    • The deal would drive down wages and undermine workers' right to organize, speeding up the global race to bottom.

    These are just a few reasons we need to stop the TPP. Make a call today and tell your representative not to sign off on this massive corporate power grab.

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